Do no harm. Take no bull. Change the world.

Tegan Kline is a Founder, cryptocurrency expert, business development savant, and all-around tour de force. With a competitive background in Investment Banking, Tegan uses her experience from “the inside” of traditional finance, both at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Barclays, to bolster explosive growth of the blockchain industry at large. In Co-Founding one and launching two unicorns to date – Edge & Node, The Graph, and Orchid (a project backed by a16z and Sequoia) – Tegan is undoubtedly the blockchain ecosystem’s not-so-secret weapon.

Tegan is an advocate for personal freedom and empowerment through shifting paradigms of wealth and access to information. Her success in the crypto industry has been integral in making applications on blockchain technology possible and helping individuals gain equal access to the internet. Tegan has a “do no harm, take no bull, change the world” approach to business, always playing the long-game in areas ranging from negotiations to investor relations, business development and beyond.

Tegan is the premier source for connecting top leaders and innovators with key stakeholders across the blockchain ecosystem today. She is paving the way for DeFi and the broader Web3 ecosystem as a Co-Founder and Business Lead at Edge & Node, the initial team behind the Graph – key infrastructure for the Web3 movement – to ensure blockchains become the future of the Internet, and data becomes a democratized public good.
Aya Kantorovich
"Tegan dominated Wall Street, then dominated Silicon Valley."


Tegan Kline has a trusted approach to the cryptocurrency industry, always sacrificing short-term gains for the long-term vision and often being seen as a strong signal in the noise.

Staying true to her personal values and mission, Tegan has consistently forgone lucrative opportunities for the higher road – both morally and financially – starting when she left Wall Street for the blockchain industry. Her track record for selecting successful blockchain projects is unparalleled, leaving Orchid post-launch and joining The Graph just in time to see them hit parabolic developer and query growth.

Tegan’s time in Investment Banking led to her understanding of our financial institutions (and their flaws) first hand.  Having worked on Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs, and in Sales & Trading, she was able to gain a holistic understanding of the industry, grew intimately familiar with its inefficiencies, and saw the friction banks created with the people. Tegan learned about Ethereum in 2016 and saw the potential to remove these antiquated structures and truly empower individuals.

Beyond joining and founding leading projects in the space, Tegan is fearless in sharing her perspectives about which ideals she does and doesn't believe in, highlighting projects that are truly decentralized, playing the long game, and upholding integrity. Her process for due diligence starts by vetting the technology, then understanding the projects tactically, along with an intuitive understanding of the individual people behind the projects and their value sets.

Tegan is leading the revolutionary charge of this Web3 movement with her colleagues at Edge & Node as well as in the Blockchain ecosystem.
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